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Mohamed El Hosseny - EGYPTIAN DANCE ARM POSITIONS Order your copy now! Scroll down for available formats and prices. Email: elhossenydance@gmail.com
The book illustrates with over one hundred pictures the arm positions  according to El Hosseny Dance method (EHD method) for teaching and training Egyptian dance, including folklore and raqs sharqi. The arm positions are classified by numbers, from 1 to 6. The system is borrowed from the ballet, and the classification is adapted to suite the styles of Egyptian dance. This book illustrates variations of the arm positions used in dance, it does not include the numerous gestures of Egyptian body language. This classification is intended to be a helpful tool in teaching and training. Its purpose is not to restrict of limit your creativity. Study, practice, explore and find new variations according to the particular style you are working on as well as your own artistic personality. The arms are a essential part of our body lines, that energy that flows through our whole body from the center to the tips or our fingers and toes, and beyond. Mastering the basic positions with their variations as well as moving the arms from one position to another takes time and naturally cannot be separated from the rest of the dance practice. It is also extremely important to train under the guidance of a skillful teacher. Payment by Paypal to info@elhossenydance.com or bank transfer. Please send us an email first to elhossenydance@gmail.com
Available formats and packages: Mohamed El Hosseny, Egyptian Dance Arm Positions (paperback) ©El Hosseny Dance 2017 ISBN 978-952-67547-5-8 Price 24 € + shipping & PayPal costs Mohamed El Hosseny, Egyptian Dance Arm Positions (E-book) ©El Hosseny Dance 2017 ISBN 978-952-67547-6-5 Price 19 € Video (download) to accompany the book,  does not include all the variations in the book, but instead includes more detailed explanation. Price 24 € (you will get a downloadable link) Packages: - Paperback book + video download 38 € + shipping & PayPal costs - E-book + video download 34 €